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Warm Meals You Can Try for the Chilly Season


February in Florida is known to be quite cool and dry, perfect for snuggling indoors or taking relaxing walks outside. Despite the comfort of the weather, we still need to remember that the cold can still affect senior health. As such, our care at home compiled a list of meals that will warm our elders’ stomachs in advance of the chilly season.

Some meals that caretakers can lovingly and carefully prepare are:

  • Soup made with butternut squash and toasted croutons
  • Corn chowder with chicken
  • Oatmeal with berries and nuts, warmed
  • Chicken noodle soup
  • Bisque with pumpkin and shrimp

Soups are some of the easiest meals to prepare and consume, as such, they are best to serve senior loved ones. They are also rich in nutrients and essential vitamins, perfect for revitalizing your loved one’s health. Lastly, soups require less time to make, which is a great choice for letting your senior loved one help in the kitchen.

Of course, we must constantly take the elderly’s illnesses into account when preparing their meals. Learn about any food allergies they may have, any dietary restrictions they may have as a result of their health, and make adjustments to suit their preferences. These small acts of kindness will be gratefully received.

Our senior home healthcare in Saint Petersburg, Florida, can provide quality caregivers to assist senior loved ones with meal planning and grocery shopping. Additionally, they need help chopping foods, removing bad food from the refrigerator, looking for expired items in the cabinet, and running other errands.

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