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Increasing Safety and Independence with Mobility Aids


During their golden years, many seniors face mobility challenges. Whether due to vision loss or changes in gait and posture, mobility aids can help prevent falls to ensure safety and promote a better quality of life. In addition to senior home healthcare in Saint Petersburg, Florida, mobility aids are essential to facilitate healthy aging.

As a trusted provider of geriatric care in Pinellas County, Florida, we will discuss the most common mobility aids for seniors.

  • Canes
    Canes provide an additional point of support to enhance stability. This mobility aid is helpful for seniors with one leg weaker than the other and those whose balance is minimally impaired. Adjustable canes are also a good option, as they accommodate different shoe styles.
  • Walkers and rollators
    Walkers are the next option when canes cannot provide sufficient support. The standard walker has two or four fixed legs that must be lifted and maneuvered with each step. This is best for seniors with stability issues. Meanwhile, rollators or wheeled walkers come with three to seven wheels with handbrakes for added safety. They can be folded for easy storage and are generally easier to maneuver.
  • Manual wheelchairs
    Unsteadiness and difficulty rising from a seated position are indicators that a cane or walker cannot provide sufficient support. Manual wheelchairs can provide support as seniors receive care at home. Wheelchairs come in different types, with some lightweight models that are easier to propel and power wheelchairs that offer features like a multi-function controller.

Florida’s Choice Health Care is a leading provider of senior care. In addition to assisted living placement in Pinellas County, Florida, we offer durable medical equipment, mobility aids, and more. Reach out to us for more information about our available equipment.

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