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Basic Tips on Making Exercising Safer for Seniors


While we would all benefit from doing regular physical activities, our senior loved ones stand with more to gain considering their risk for various chronic health conditions. That said, exercising can be tough at their age. Without a dedicated private duty care provider, they may incur more injuries and have a harder time getting motivated.

We see this happen to the clients we serve in our senior home healthcare in Saint Petersburg, Florida, at Florida’s Choice Health Care all the time. That is why we are listing down ways you can help your senior loved one exercise safely:

  • Ensure their capacity
    A crucial step in the process, securing a medical clearance from their medical health provider can make sure that they will be able to exercise without issues.
  • Never skip warm-ups
    A warm-up is crucial to prevent injuries and prepare their body for the demands of their preferred physical activity.
  • Make sure they are hydrated before the workout
    Dehydration may cause weakness and headaches. By drinking enough water, they can regulate their temperature, protect sensitive tissues, and prevent any untoward accidents.

Remind them to listen to their bodies Regardless of their assisted living placement in Pinellas County, Florida, or the precautionary measures you take, you can only do so much yourself. It is important that they know their limits themselves, where to go further, and where to stay.

We hope these tips have helped you become more confident in assisting your loved one with exercise. For more topics on geriatric care in Pinellas County, Florida, be sure to check again next time!

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